The days of searching through the yellow-pages are long gone. A majority of people now use Google to search for new local bars. People often rely solely on your website to give them information about all the essentials of your bar and what kind of atmosphere you create.

For your website to be effective, it must be user-friendly, functional, and clean. We put together a list of 7 Essential Features that are non-negotiable for your bar’s website. If you want to bring in more customers and build a bigger brand following for your bar or club, listen up.

1. Drink Menus:

Whenever someone is looking for a place to drink, they want to see what you have to offer before they make the trip. You can lead someone to water but you can’t make them drink, HOWEVER if you give them a drink menu they are much more likely to order one! With an interactive rotating menu you could draw new customers in by including your ever changing draft list, cocktails, and happy hour specials.

Make sure that all of your menus are HTML instead of a PDF, no one has the time to download multiple files. Additionally, HTML allows employees to edit and update the website as needed

Drink Menus will give potential customers a specific reason to come to your bar.

2. Location & Contact Information:

What’s the use of a website if it doesn’t point customers straight to you? A customer looking for a good place to have a few drinks after work isn’t going to put in the time to scour the internet for your information, it needs to be easily located. Your website should include a map to your Bar so people can easily get an idea of the general location. In addition, you must have a website in order to link your website to a Google My Business profile. When you do, Google search will rank you higher when people look for bars on Google Maps in their area. This will make your bar show up first above other locations that may not have a website.

Almost half of all google searches are for local businesses.

In addition to location, your website needs to have contact information. Many sports bars that I like to visit have weekly events and musical artists that get . Make it easier for people to find you by including an active phone number and your bar’s business email.

3. About Us:

People enjoy being around other people who care about the same things as them, so they definitely care who started a business and what their mission is when they are thinking about giving them their money. An About Us page is a great way to showcase what you believe in and what your bar is all about. 

Not only does it make your bar more relatable and approachable, it also creates credibility. On your page, your employees can write things like short paragraphs about themselves, how long they have been bartending, what they like to do, and more. This creates a level of credibility by showcasing your incredible staff while making customers feel a personal connection before they walk in the door.

4. Social Media Integration:

One of the most important things your website should have is social media integration. If you haven’t heard this yet, know that social media can be one of the most powerful tools for small businesses to build a strong following and brand.

Social Media is one of the most important tools for a small business.

Your social media can be used to announce new drinks, specials, open/closing hours, events, photos, and anything else you want your customers to see. Integrating these feeds directly into your website creates a connected hub of all your customer bases where people can send direct updates to communicate with your audience.

Including social media creates a better brand for your bar as well as make your customers feel closer and more connected to your location.

5. Photos:

An integral part of your bar’s atmosphere is the way it looks on the inside, so why wouldn’t you have a sneak peek on your website? A gallery is the only way to show off your friendly and inviting interior to a potential customer that is hesitant on visiting your bar for the first time. Your gallery can show off your favorite regulars, hot regulars, and the ones that never seem to pay their tab on time.

The addition of photos can create a sense of community straight over the internet. Including this feature along with social media will convert window shoppers from your website into paying customers at your bar.

Show the happiness that you create for your friends and showoff your regulars!

6. Mobile Optimization:

Its 2020 and over 97% of searches for “bars” on Google come from mobile devices. This means it is not suggested to have a mobile friendly site, it is required. If you do not have your website optimized for mobile, you have a high chance of losing customers altogether as they cannot navigate your site on the device they are using. An easy to navigate website on mobile and desktop allows you to cater towards both kinds of customers that are visiting your website and not lose any potential drinkers.

7. SSL Security:

Cybersecurity is a requirement if you want have an optimized website

Website security is very important for many things involving your website. The most important reason to be website security is for your Google ranking. When people are searching for bars in their area, you want your website to pop up first. There are a lot of factors that determine this, but being SSL secure plays a major role in Google’s rank algorithm.

In addition to search engine rank, having an insecure website creates a level of distrust in customers who visit it. SSL security’s sole purpose is to ensure that data passed from the customer is encrypted. If a hacker were to intercept the data, it would not be usable to them. Your website should display a lock logo to the left of the URL of your website if it is secure and it would say “Not Secure” if your bars website is susceptible to hacking.

Do I Really Need All Of This?

While this may seem like a lot to implement, these features are completely necessary in today’s competitive market. These features are essential and if you decide to include them on your website you will surely see the difference in the amount of new customers.

These things are not just cheap frills that make your website look better. These 7 additions are instrumental in convincing the 89% of people who search for local restaurants (and the almost 90% of people who leave poorly designed websites) to visit your local bar. People are looking for new places to go… Why not make your website a treasure map to your bar?

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